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President's Challenge 2019

MonthLike DemoOther
For January: NoneNone
For February: Something with Colored WoodSomething from a pen blank
For March: A Twisted Turned PieceSomething from a 4" cube of wood
For April: A Trinket BoxA small (about 6") bowl
For May: Something hollowedPiece made of Pecan
For June: Christmas OrnamentPiece made of Poplar
For July: Oval Turned PiecePiece made of Southern Magnolia
For August: One-piece MallotPiece made of American Sycamore
For September: Magic wand or other Long
thin spindle
Piece made of White Oak
For October: Christmas OrnamentPeice made of Winged Elm
For November: Wood Burned Piece or one
with Epoxy Finish
Piece made of American Elm
For December: Covered Bowl