January 2010

No pictures this time since noone brought a camera.  However, that did not stop 30 people from having a good time seeing two of their own prove they know how to turn wood into some delightful creations.  Besides being able to swap stories with the regulars we were very pleased to welcome first time visitors, new members, and some members who've not been able to attend recently.  I also seemed to me there was more than the usual level of enthusiasm.  The construction at the school was right up to the back doors this month, but when it's done it will be really nice to be able to have our wood raffle right outside the doors.

Bert Workman - Small Projects - Bird Houses

Charles Helton - Coin Bowls - Jam Chucks

Here's Bert's story in his words.

My focus for many years was on flat style woodworking furniture, cabinets picture frame, etc.   As time passed I found a need to turn parts for my flat wood projects.  I have now been turning for several years and have gone through many changes as a turner. I have passed from making parts for other woodworkuing projects to a full time turner.  I now make several items for the retail market.  At first it was the bowls, hollow vessels etc that demanded the larger prices.  However, with the changing economic situation I found myself priced out of sales.  In the process of finding items that fit into the less fluid retail market I have changed the items that I normally turn.  I am now turning smaller items that require more precision turning. One of the items that have been somewhat successful for me has been the ornamental bird house.  I will demonstrate how to make one variety of this item and convey thought on how you might turn different sizes of the bird house.  This is a small item that can be made from shop scraps and leftovers from other projects.  We hope to have some fun with this item and I know your spouse and your friends will all want one. A nice gift will always help with those mutual decisions about buying new tools.

Bert Workman

If you don't already know Charlie Helton, you'll soon find he is a truly humble guy with a lot to offer.  Again, in his own words...

My name is Charles Helton (Charlie) and I have been doing woodturning for the past seven years as a hobby. I also like to do metal work and making some of my own tools, tool rest and jigs.  I see things that other people have done that I like , so I see if I can do it too, and  find a different way to make it. My favorite local woods to use are maple, cherry and spaded maple. I sell very little of my work,  most is given away as Christmas presents, and special occasions.  I enjoy other wood turners coming by my shop for help, a cup of coffee or a piece of wood. I usually learn something from them.

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