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7/17/2017 - From Jared Bruckner bruckner@southern.edu
From The Daily Citizen July 12, 2017 via Mike Renfroe
Mike Renfroe, left, shows a bowl to Rosie Mosteller as Mary and Jared Bruckner look on on Tuesday at the Dalton-Whitfield Senior Center. The bowl is made from tulip poplar and was donated by the Dalton Area Woodturners Guild.

5/4/2017 - From Rick Urban dawgzero1@gmail.com
Liam O'Neill Classes & Demo.

The North Alabama Woodturners in Boaz Alabama will be hosting Liam O'Neill May 26th - 28th for classes and an all day demo on Saturday.
For more infomation click here.

4/27/2017 - From Jared Bruckner bruckner@southern.edu
Wppd Sale at Arrowmont.

Heather Ashworth notified us today about a sale they are conducting this weekend for wood that has been donated to Arrowmont.

The sale will include hundreds of board feet of walnut, cherry, mahogany, along with assorted other species. They also have several pallets of exotic woods in log form donated by a collector from Florida.

The wood will be available to select Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm at Arrowmont.

4/25/2017 - From Rick Urban dawgzero1@gmail.com
Fund Raising Director Needed.

If we members pay our dues we get to come together once a month for a year and see one fantastic demonstration. One! Personally I want more from a woodturning club.

That there is a lathe to use in that demonstration and lighting and monitors and etc. is because we managed to raise funds to pay for them in the past. There are many things we can do to improve our experience every time we come to a meeting, but most of them cost money.

If you need $1000 you can do it by getting $1 from 1000 people. You can also do it by getting $1000 from one person. You might also get what you need without using money. What you cannot do is get $1000 without thinking about it, making a plan, and doing some work.

To thrive, this club needs a Fund Raising Director plus others willing to help her or him plan and execute our fund raising efforts. There are many opportunities for us, but we cannot access them without a persistent effort in this area.

Please contact me if you are willing to direct or assist in this area.

4/25/2017 - From Rick Urban dawgzero1@gmail.com
AAW Membership Sale - 50% off.

If you have been thinking about whether to join the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) or not, this news is for you. They have undertaken an initiative to increase membership, and part of that initiative includes a 50% reduction in dues your first year making it $30 instead of $60.

I have been a member since 2003 and have seen a lot of great changes in what they have to offer woodturners in all categories. Around 2010 the changes in the American Woodturner, the AAW's journal, became so obvious to me I felt compelled to write to Betty Scarpino, then the editor, and tell her how, in my view, the changes had improved the journal for so many woodturners. Since then I have noted an even more impressive transformation in their website, particularly in accessibility of content and a multifaceted approach offering valuable information for virtually everyone and not just the woodturning elite.

All you have to do to take advantage of their offer is go to http://tiny.cc/AAWNewGen or call the home office at 877.595.9094 (m-f 8:30-4:30 ct).

Try it. You'll like it.

4/25/2017 - From Jared Bruckner bruckner@southern.edu
The Resources Page & Tips Page on the DAWG Website have been "Under Construction" for many years. Decisions on their use have been made - take a look (See top menu bar on Members Page) Be the first to submit a good tip and get a prize!

4/6/2017 - From Rick Urban dawgzero1@gmail.com
Both Bert and Rosemary Workman have been having significant medical issues the last couple of weeks, but it looks like they're getting the upper hand now. If you know Bert you know he would probably enjoy hearing from you.

3/28/2017 - From Rick Urban dawgzero1@gmail.com
Calling all DAWGs.

I came by this unusual opportunity via the Apple Ridge email list, and I've contacted John Van Camp from the Brasstown group to insure I could extend the invitation to our club members. Cleveland, GA is quite a distance, but if you plan to go (car pool?) please let John know (706-896-9428, jvcamp@bellsouth.net).

Those attending are to meet at Dr. Lott's house at 10 am on April 8th. The address is 2486 Adair Mill Rd., Cleveland, GA. If you get lost Dr. Lott's phones are 706.219.2076 (c) and 706.809.2420 (h).

From the Brasstown Woodturners Guild 3/4/17 meeting:
On April 8th, a group from the Laurel Ridge club in Clarksville is going to Cleveland, Ga to tour Dr. Tom Lott's collection of wood turning antiques.
He has built an old village and will open it up for all to visit.
John Van Camp is the president of the BWT group and can be reached at 706-896-9428, email is jvcamp@bellsouth.net.
John asked if anyone was interested in going to let him know so that we could let Dr. Lott know.

3/4/2017 - From Jared Bruckner bruckner@southern.edu
From The Daily Citizen February 24, 2017

Picture from Mike Renfroe

2/20/2017 - From Rick Urban dawgzero1@gmail.com
It Pays to Volunteer
I recently received a check from the Georgia Association of Woodturners (GAW) for $159.13 in appreciation for the DAWG volunteers who helped out at the AAW Symposium in Atlanta. If you are one of them please let me know so you may not only be recognized, but be included as part of our history.

Boxes for Cherokee Estates Ladies
I accompanied Mike last Wednesday to present a number of the boxes you turned for the Cherokee Estates ladies, and we expect to see news of it in the Dalton paper. If you see it bring a copy for our history, and remember... This is an ongoing community service project that needs your continuing support. If you haven't already turned a lidded box for the girls please do so. If you have, remember how much fun it was and do it again. Remember to see the people at the registration desk when you come.

Thanks for Your Support of the First Time Visitor Gift Initiative.
Your support of the proposal to present member turned works to first time visitors is appreciated. Like the Cherokee Estates boxes this is a program we would like to see continue so keep them coming. Be sure to check them in at the registration desk so we will know who to thank

2/10/2017 - From Rick Urban dawgzero1@gmail.com
Registration and Check In
We believe the meetings you attend are made better in large part due to the participation of you and your fellow members. They are one of your most valuable resources to help you improve your work. Their contributions to Show-n-Tell, the President's Challenge, etc. provide ideas and inspiration. The raffle contributions help pay the bills that bring you the programs. The list can go on, but I'll leave it there.

We believe the contributions of the members deserves recognition, but until now we've not been very good at keeping track. Beginning in February we will have a Registration and Check In area near the entrance where we ask you to register your attendance and check in your works for our exhibits. Frank Newby has agreed to help us with that as a Registrar. As you arrive, please pause at the Registration desk and help us keep track of your valuable contributions.

Raffle Meisters
While you are checking in, get your raffle tickets from one of our new Raffle Meisters, Richard and Marie Noble. They will also accept items for the raffle in addition to the great turning stock you leave outside the door for Tommy Johnson to tag.

While you are buying your raffle tickets, check with Jean Price to make sure she has all your information correct on her roster including your 2017 dues. She will also have our financial information available if you would like to know how we're doing.

Also, there are opportunities to get gift certificates from woodworking vendors by sharing email addresses. However, we do not want to share your email address unless you say it's ok with you. Be sure to have her mark her email roster with whether or not it is ok to include your email address on the list we would share for the club's benefit.

New Contacts
When you meet someone interested in the club we want them to feel welcome before they even get here the first time. We also have a process in place to help them find us more easily. So... when you meet someone, pass their Name, phone, email, and where they live to Jared Bruckner (or other board member). We'll take it from there to include them on the notification list, send them a welcome email, and offer them an opportunity to hook up with someone to find us the first time or two through one of our Visitor Ambassadors Ramon Chow. Charles Helton is another of our visitor ambassadors. You'll notice him wandering around with the bright vest making sure our visitors don't get ignored.

1/29/2017 - from Thomas Johnson thomasjohn@catt.com
I told Rick I would take the lead on the turning pens for troops, after Wayne Loveless gave a challenge to DAWG and Tristate to see which club could turn the most pens.
Woodcraft will supply the kits only, we will be given 50 kits and when we turn those back in we will be given another 50 kits. We have until Veterans day to complete the challenge. I will have the first 50 kits to give out at our next meeting in February. Each turner will have to supply the wood, but I will try and bring some wood blanks to the next meeting if anyone wants them.